Youth Sports


Strasburg Parks & Recreation District is excited to announce our partnership with the Brighton Youth Baseball and Softball Association (BYBSA). Beginning Spring 2021, BYBSA will manage our local Baseball and Softball programs. The partnership with BYBSA will provide our Strasburg Youth Baseball and Eastern Plains Pink Sox Softball (EPPS) teams the opportunity to participate in both summer and fall leagues. Additionally, there will be options for recreational level and competitive level playing options for both sports.
While this sounds like a big change, we want you to know that the overall programs will remain very similar to previous seasons, with some improvements!
Our EPPS families will see very few changes. We will still be a part of the Indian Peaks Girls Softball Association (IPGSA). The teams will practice in Strasburg and, as in years past, will have half their games at home and the other half against Brighton/Thornton IPGSA opponents. Girls from Bennett, Strasburg, Byers, and Deer Trail are all encouraged to join the Pink Sox teams.
Baseball, on the other hand, will see some changes and will be more like softball. Practice will still take place in Strasburg, but our baseball teams will see some new opponents – one-half games will be at home and the other half will be on the road versus Brighton, Thornton, and Bennett.
T-Ball is the only exception – these teams will only travel as far as Bennett. Pee Wee T-Ball will continue to be administered through Strasburg Parks & Recreation District.
We look forward to a successful transition, but we also realize some people may have questions, so please contact Nick Dickens at, or call 303-622-4260 with any concerns.
  • BYBSA Recreational Baseball: Strasburg (T-Ball, Machine Pitch Minors, 10U Kid Pitch, 12U Kid Pitch)
  • BYBSA Recreational Softball: Eastern Plains Pink Socks (8U Coach Pitch, 10U, 12U, 14U)


Our Preschool “Pee Wee” Sports programs are designed to introduce your little one to team play, sharing, and physical activity. We highly encourage parent involvement so that your child can participate without pressure or apprehension. There are no practices for this league and game time is strictly FUN time! Registration fee includes t-shirt and award. DATE(S): Fridays for 6 weeks beginning June 4 (no games July 2nd); AGE(S): 2-3 years; DAY/TIME: Beginning at 5:30pm; LOCATION: Five Acre Field; FEE: $35/40; DEADLINE: 5/7/21


Strasburg Parks & Rec District is excited to announce a partnership with Mission Control Sports to introduce an Online Esports League. Whether you’re a newbie, casual player, or an experienced gamer – you will be able to put your skills to the test with a variety of games like Rocket League, Mario Kart, Smash Bros, Fortnite, Madden 20, and Call of Duty. Most leagues will include a playoff week at the end. You can play in as many leagues as you would like. We will also be awarding prizes to top gamers in each league!

All ages are welcome! Age division are ages 14 & Under, 15-17, and 18+

  • Mar. 6: Registration Closes
  • Mar. 7-14: Regular Season – Week #1
  • Mar. 15-21: Regular Season – Week #2
  • Mar. 22-28: Regular Season – Week #3
  • Mar. 29- Apr. 4 : Regular Season – Week #4
  • Apr. 5-11: Regular Season- Week #5
  • Apr. 12- 18: Regular Season Week #6
  • April 19- May 3: Playoffs

Ready to get started?
STEP #1: Download the Mission Control app (free)
STEP #2: Create your Mission Control profile – find us at, scroll to and select “Strasburg Parks and Rec Esports”.
STEP #3: Register for as many leagues as you would like!
STEP #4: Check your schedule, chat with your league mates, keep track of your standings, and have fun!


Mario Kart 8 Deluxe-1v1 head to head (Ages 7-13)

Every Monday at 6 PM (MST)

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe-1v1 head to head (Ages 14+)

Every Monday at 7 PM (MST)

C.O.D. Black Ops Cold War-2v2 Team Deathmatch (Ages 14+)

Every Monday at 8 PM (MST)


Fortnite-1v1 Classic Stats Face-Off (Ages 7-13)

Every Friday at 6 PM (MST)

Fortnite-Battle Royale Duos/ Classic Stats Face-Off (All ages)

Every Friday at 7 PM (MST)

C.O.D. Black Ops Cold War-1v1 Gunfight (Ages 14+)

Every Friday at 8 PM (MST)


NBA 2k21-PS4 Head-to-Head Face-Off (All ages)

Every Saturday at 7 PM (MST)

NBA 2k21-Xbox One Head-to-Head Face-Off (All ages)

Every Saturday at 7 PM (MST)

Hearthstone-1v1 classic Head-to-Head Face off (All ages)

Every Saturday at 8 PM (MST)


Rocket Leauge-1v1 Soccar (Ages 7-13)

Every Sunday at 4 PM (MST)

Rocket Leauge-1v1 Soccar (Ages 14+)

Every Sunday at 5 PM (MST)

Rocket Leauge-2v2 Soccar (All ages)

Every Sunday at 7 PM (MST)

Questions? Email, or call the office at 303-622-4260.


Can I request a league?

Yes, please email for league suggestions.

How do I know about new leagues starting?

Join Mission Control and allow push notifications. We will notify you when new leagues are starting.

What does 1v1 and 2v2 mean?
1v1 = 1 player vs 1 player
2v2 = 2 player team vs 2 player team

What if I can’t make my scheduled game time?

You can reschedule your game if you cannot make the set time. You will need to reschedule prior to your original game time. You will need to discuss time options and agree to a time with your opponent by chatting with him/her through the Mission Control app or the game. All rescheduled games need to be completed prior to the last day of the league. If the game is not played, the person who requested the reschedule will forfeit that game.

How will I know who I am playing?

Once the deadline to join the league has passed, all players in the league will get a notification from Mission Control with directions on how to use the app, how to communicate with fellow players, and how to record your score along with other important details. Make sure you select “Allow Push Notifications” when signing up.

What gaming systems can be used?

Some games can be played across multiple platforms/consoles and some can only be played on designated platforms/consoles. Platforms/consoles accepted: Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC. Supported platforms/consoles for each game will be listed in the app’s game description.