By registering your child for a Strasburg Metro Parks & Rec District (SMPRD) program, you have implicitly agreed to this Parental (Spectator) Code of Conduct for all activities, practices, and competitions to be held on site, or at other locations.


  • Yelling or distractive noises intended to negatively impact participating athletes.
  • Disrespectful comments or derogatory gestures.
  • Criticizing officials in any way; display of temper with an official’s call.
  • Use of profanity or display of anger.
  • Physical or verbal threats or actions directed at any player, referee, coach, parent, fan, or employee of the district.

All spectators, coaches and players must conform to all SMPRD and school district regulations and rules. Improper behavior (in the judgement of the supervisor on duty) will not be tolerated.

Parents (spectators) who display unacceptable behaviors as listed above will be warned or asked to leave immediately. Failure to leave the facility when directed will result in suspension of play and/or forfeiture of the game. All players, coaches and spectators will abide by the official’s decision, including a decision concerning the teams conduct.

Any individual ejected from a game and/or event MUST exit the area immediately upon request.  Failure to leave may result in suspension of the game and/or forfeiture of the game as well as potential suspension from SMPRD programs and facilities.

Anytime that, in the judgement of a SMPRD employee, umpire or referee, a game gets out of hand, the supervisor on duty has the authority to terminate the game and/or event.

Drugs, alcohol, smoking, vaping products are not allowed on SMPRD property. This applies to spectators, coaches, and players. Any individual that is under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs should not attend games.

Officials and/or district staff will rule upon situations that may arise and are not covered by this agreement as needed.


  • Strike One: Immediate ejection (from game and/or facility).
  • Strike Two: One game/event suspension and possible suspension for the remainder of the season/session.
  • Strike Three: Suspension from program/facilities for one year, or lifetime ban depending on severity of situation and approval from SMPRD Board of Directors.

Questions? Call 303-622-4260, or email

Strasburg Parks & Rec District offers multiple sports leagues throughout the year for kids, adults, and seniors. We depend heavily on our dedicated group of volunteer coaches. If you are interested in helping, or if you don’t see your favorite sport listed below, please CONTACT US today.

Youth Leagues:

  • Pee Wee Sports: Soccer, Basketball, T-Ball
  • Basketball
  • Flag Football
  • Tackle Football
  • Cross Country
  • Baseball
  • Softball
  • Specialty Camps and Clinics

Adults & Seniors:

  • Coed Sand Volleyball
  • Coed Slow Pitch Softball
  • Men’s Slowpitch
  • Men’s Flag Football
  • Horseshoe League