Choose from Jazz, Ballet, or Hip Hop dance. Or register for them all! Classes will teach the proper technique and body alignment to build strength, flexibility, and help protect from injury. There will be a recital at the end of the session (week of April 22) to showcase their talents! Appropriate dance shoes are required and additional costume fees will apply. No deadline for Dance Bugs – register anytime.

SPRING SESSION (10 weeks) begins week of January 28 (no classes week of February 18 and March 25). REGISTER BY: 1/22/19

Dance Bugs 2-3 years Mon or Wed 9:00-9:45am $25 monthly
Ballet 1 4-6 years Mon/Thu 4:30-5:00pm $65/70
Ballet 2 7-9 years Mon/Fri 5:00-6:00pm $130/135
Ballet 3 10+ years Mon/Fri 6:00-7:00pm $130/135
Jazz 1 5-8 years Wed/Sat 4:30-5:30pm (W); 10-11am (S) $130/135
Jazz 2 9+ years Wed/Sat 5:30-6:30pm (W); 11am-12pm (S) $130/135
Hip Hop 1 5-8 years Thu/Sat 5-6pm (TH); 8-9am (S) $130/135
Hip Hop 2 9+ years Thu/Sat 6-7pm (TH); 9-10am (S) $130/135