Strasburg Parks & Recreation District (SMPRD) is devoted to providing the highest quality playing facilities and opportunities for our residents. You can help keep fees as low as possible by participating in the Business Sponsorship Program. Sponsorships are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis and placement is based on availability. Payment is due with your agreement. Thank you again for your support! We look forward to assisting you in GROWING and ADVERTISING your business.


Includes the production and display of your full-color banner for a time period of four (4) years. After that, you will have the option of renewing at the current rates (which are subject to change). Should the banner be damaged during the four years, to the point where it is no longer in a condition to display, it will be your responsibility to replace at current banner cost. Please indicate what field you would like your banner displayed. Placement is subject to availability. $350 for one (1) field; $450 for two (2) fields; $550 for three (3) fields.


Our free (or low cost) community events are highly advertised and greatly attended by I-70 Corridor families! Your sponsorship includes advertising via the I-70 Scout, Social Media, Email Club, and the opportunity to distribute advertising materials and/or set-up a booth during the event. Choose from: Princess Tea Party (February), Easter Egg Hunt—two sponsorships available (April), Opening Day (May), Foam Fun Day (July), Vintage Baseball Game (August), Mud Volleyball Tournament (August), Back-to-School Event (September), Halloween Hoot (October), and Christmas Night in Strasburg (December). $250 PER EVENT


A team sponsor includes your logo on the team’s jersey, a team photo for your business, and the opportunity to participate during the season (participation may include: samples, brochures, and/or coupons). Choose from Football, Baseball, Softball, or Pee Wee Basketball, Pee Wee T-Ball. $300 PER TEAM ($200 for second team); $350 FOR PEE WEE SPORTS


Leave a lasting impression by purchasing an inscribed Tribute Brick, which will be installed at the North Baseball Field on the exterior of the dugouts. Put your personal stamp on a brick with a name or special message. With each brick, a special letter is sent to the honoree or their family notifying them of your dedication once the brick has been installed. $100 for 8” X 8” BRICK (25% OFF FOR MILITARY FAMILIES)

Sponsorships are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Contact Jessica Loveless (jessica@strasburgparks.org), or call (303) 622-4260.